Ghost Hunter Ferguson

"Ghost Hunter Ferguson" is an original story I've had knocking around in my head since about 2008. I decided to use 24 Hour Comics Day this year to kick off the first 24 pages. I'm using Inktober as another opportunity to ink them. I consider these pages a very first draft, or tight pencils. I'll be going through and editing, re-lettering, and toning them once I get the first issue finished. My goal is to self-publish this story or pitch it to a few publishers.

Plot: Cursed witch Millie needs to pay her debt to a demonic entity she summoned in order to gain immortality. She runs into Ferguson Gray, a teenaged self-proclaimed ghost hunter and paranormal investigator. The only problem is that he can't actually see ghosts and has to rely on his equipment. Millie imbues Ferguson with paranormal sensitivity beyond his wildest dreams, but there's a catch! Will Ferguson's ghost hunting business finally pick up, or will he end up demon food as part of Millie's contract?

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